GatorHunt Airboat Rides
& Tours

Located in
Okeechobee Fl. 34974
Call for information and
Come take a one hour Airboat
tour with
Cpt Dennis Smith
who is coast guard certified with
25 years experience.

The boat can carry 6 people
with minimum of 2.

Must Call  For Reservations.
Open 7 days Per Week.

For more
Info call
Airboat Rides
See wildlife as you have never seen before Alligators,Birds,Turtles & many other
variety's of wildlife
Turn Speakers on
when playing video
for  maximum effect.
To read or write a review
For questions and pricing email us at.

$30.00 Per Adult

$20.00 for kids under 12
years of age

Prices subject to change.
Please call or email us for
further information.
We carry up to six average size guests
for a more enjoyable experience for your
family and friends. Not like some other
places that carry a dozen or more at a
time. We are focused on a more private
tour for family enjoyment.