GatorHunt Airboat Rides
& Tours

Located in
Okeechobee Fl. 34974
Call for information and
Come take a one hour Airboat
tour with
Cpt Dennis Smith
who is coast guard certified with
25 years experience.

The boat can carry 6 people
with minimum of 2.

Must Call  For Reservations.
Open 7 days Per Week.

For more
Info call
Airboat Rides
See wildlife as you have never seen before Alligators,Birds,Turtles & many other
variety's of wildlife
Turn Speakers on
when playing video
for  maximum effect.
To read or write a review
For questions and pricing email us at.

$30.00 Per Adult

20.00 for kids under 12
years of age

Prices subject to change.
Please call or email us for
further information.
We carry up to six average size guests
for a more enjoyable experience for your
family and friends. Not like some other
places that carry a dozen or more at a
time. We are focused on a more private
tour for family enjoyment.